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I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Before my current position, I was a post-doctoral researcher (advised by Jacob Bien), with a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University (advised by Max G'Sell and Ryan Tibshirani).

My research interests include oceanographic data analysis, epidemiological modeling/forecasting, changepoint detection, and selective inference. More generally, I develop statistical tools for large complex data in real-world scientific applications.

I'm looking for motivated students to join my group!

I'm fond of the following bit from The Universe and the Teacup by K.C. Cole: "So the improved Newtonion Universe must cease and grow cold," says Thomasina's tutor Septimus in Stoppard's Arcadia, suddenly realizing the import of his student's mathematical discovery that disorder is the inevitable direction of things. "Dear me." "Yes," Thomasina replies, "we must hurry if we are going to dance."